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About our company

What do we do?

Established in 2012 , with 10 years development, Dihui Paper is a professional manufacturer engaged in the development, production, sale and service of Paper Cup Fan, PE coated paper roll, Paper Cup Bottom Roll , PE coated paper sheet and Craft Paper Cup Fan.

We cooperated with several china leading raw paper factories: APP paper, Stora Enso paper, Yi Bin paper, Sun paper. This point guarantee that  we have stable raw material source,  good quality and competitive price.

We provide the production process in one-stop service of PE coated, printing, die cutting, parting off and crosscutting. We wish to offer the services of sample modeling, graphic design, PE coated, printing and cutting for the manufacturer of paper cup, paper bowl and food packaging. And long-term supply of high quality food packing paper for customer.


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Our products

Dihui Paper Factory Details

  • PE coated paper cup fan

  • Kraft paper cup raw material

  • PE coated paper roll

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  • Designer


    We has outstanding Paper Cup Fan designers, with their professional perspective and design, to create products suitable for your country market

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  • Team


    We has an experienced foreign trade business team, familiar with the global market, to provide pre-sales, after-sales, procurement solutions and other services to help you open up the market

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  • Warehousing


    We have more than 10,000 square meters of warehouse, can produce 1500 tons of products every month, the production efficiency is fast, can produce and deliver goods for you quickly

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  • Customization


    We provide customized services, Paper Cup Fan pattern design and customization, size customization, can be customized according to your needs

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According to your needs, customize for you, and provide you with competitive price and high quality products

  • Founded in 2012

    Founded in 2012

    Now it has become one of the leading manufacturers of PE coated paper rolls, paper cups, paper cup fans, and PE coated paper sheets in South China.

  • 100 employees

    100 employees

    Can provide base paper, PE coated paper, paper sheet, bottom paper one-stop service paper, paper cup fan.

  • Years of export experience

    Years of export experience

    Our products sell well in the United States, South Asia, East Asia and African countries.



Established in 2012 , with 10 years development,Di Hui Paper has become one of the leading manufacturers of PE coated paper roll , paper cup,paper cup fan, PE coated paper sheet in South China.

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